Redeemed NFT collection - Your redeemed items are available in game or for trading.

Trading offline: Simply trade physical cards, log in and scan the traded card, and the items will be transferred to your account and will be available in game for your charachter.

Trade online: Select an NFT from your collection, initiate a digital forge, and select expiration. Trade digitally forged NFT's in the online marketplace. After expiration period, item will return to the physical card holder.

MLNFC - Multi Layer NFC™ technology is used in this collectible card prototype to combine physical trading cards and corresponding NFT's or other digital materials.

This allows for an amazing collectible card experience with endless possibilities! - For example you can buy a pack of trading cards, each card can contain unique items / experiences that can be redeemed and unlocked for use in game or can be traded / sold to other players - simply tap device to card!

This application utilizes a patented, NFC / RFID shielding technology to allow for NFC / RFID use in multiple layers so the cards can be properly scanned even when in proximity to one another.

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and Story2Life™ , another application of this technology, that combines books and digital content in a way that's easy to use and seamless like never before!

Arcane Master NFT Redeemed! Character Unlocked!

Unexpected Hero NFT Redeemed! Character Unlocked!

Forbidden Castle NFT Redeemed! World Unlocked!

Unicorn Galaxy NFT Redeemed! World Unlocked!